Bringing Nutritive Makhanas From Farm to Table.

We procure, pack and export top-quality Makhana worldwide.

Offering Raw and Flavoured Makhana

Indulge in taste and health with us.

Raw Makhana Freshness

Our Raw Makhana ensures fresh and organic quality for the health-conscious.

Flavoured Makhana Bliss

Our Flavoured Makhana offers irresistible taste with essential health benefits.

Our Commitment Towards Quality

Highest Quality Raw Makhana

Purity. Freshness. Transparency

Charms Overseas ensures quality, fresh, and transparency in every pack of our Raw Makhana. Ideal for health-conscious individuals.

Makhana Nutritional Value

Understanding Makhana Better

Gain in-depth knowledge about the nutritional value of Makhana and how its consumption benefits your overall health.

Irresistible Flavoured Makhana

Taste. Quality. Satisfaction

Experience an irresistible blend of taste and nutrition with our uniquely flavoured Makhana, pleasing your taste buds while caring for your health.

Journey from Farm to You

Harvesting to Packaging Process

Witness the journey of Makhana from being harvested at farms to reaching your hands through our stringent packaging process ensuring freshness and quality.

Our Promise

Quality Makhana Everytime

Your Health

Caring through Quality Makhana

Don't Take Our Word For It

Listen to the testimonials from our esteemed customers who have been part of our healthy snack journey.

Be Part of Our Journey

Join Charms Overseas, step up your snacking game with our quality Makhana.